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18th Sugar Campaign starts at KSC S.A.

On September 10, the Sugar Plant in Werbkowice started purchases and processing of sugar beet. The campaign in Malbork will start on September 14. Sugar Plants Dobrzelin, Kluczewo and Krasnystaw will start the campaign on September 18. On September 28, the campaign will start in Kruszwica and Nakło nad Notecią.

KSC S.A. is well-prepared for the coming campaign. In 2019, it is cooperating with nearly 15 thousand farmers.  Similarly as in previous years, numerous investment and modernisation works were conducted at the factories. They included: the yard in Kluczewo, the diffuser at Krasnystaw, the line of raw material evaluation line in Kruszwica, modernised heat management in Malbork, the line of beet feeding in Nakło, the pulp briquetting line in Werbkowice, and pump units at the production line in Dobrzelin.

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